Subject: Removing Heatsink
By: Lex Loci (IP: 205.188.116.*)
Written on: 14-02-2005 21:30

Hi. Let me begin by saying I am an idiot when it comes to computers.

I have just purchased a new heatsink with fan. I wish to install it. The problem is that I can't remove my old heatsink.

My CPU is, um, a 750 Duron.
My mainboard is a K7VZM.
My socket is a Socket 462.

1) The heatsink is rectangular.
2) It has three sections.
3) It appears that there is/are two arms/levers holding the heatsink down.
4) At one end there is a tab with a loop cut out in the middle.
When I squeeze the tab and lift, part of the heatsink rises, but only part way. The two arms seem to keep the heatsink down.

Any helpful suggestions? Any illustrations available?

Thanks for reading.

Lex Loci

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.1.*)
Written on: 20-02-2005 21:33


you need to push down the clip on the side that has the loop cut out. E.g. use a Philips screwdriver to push the hole. Try to pull the clip away from the plastic peg on the socket. Once it's off the peg on one side, it will come off easily on the other side too, and you can remove the heatsink.

Removing cheap heatsinks can often be a pain in the ass. Sometimes the clips are made for easy installation but without any consideration for easy deinstallation. You might have to use quite a bit of force, but DO NOT CANT THE HEATSINK - keep it flush with the CPU - otherwise you may damage the CPU. Also don't put too much force on the plastic peg on the socket (e.g. by trying to pull the clip up with force), it is also common for these pegs to break off.

By: Helga (IP: 69.134.51.*)
Written on: 29-08-2007 11:11

I\\\'l be back...
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