Subject: Heatsink won't fasten to cpu
By: laeva65 (IP: 159.87.113.*)
Written on: 04-03-2005 21:28

just got an Athlon 64 3000 and an Asus A8V Deluxe mobo. The cpu installed fine, but the heatsink (it came in the AMD box) will NOT fasten to the mobo.

At least it will not fasten given a moderate amount of force applied to the black plastic lever attached to one side of the heatsink.

I put the first clip on the bracket, but when I try to fasten the other side clip, I push down on the lever and can't get it to close. I am wary of applying too much force. Any ideas? THANK YOU.

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.39.*)
Written on: 05-03-2005 10:59


don't fear, apply lots of force. The heatsink must be pressed very firmly to the CPU, and it's normal that there's quite a lot of pressure to be applied to the lever. It is also normal for the motherboard to bend a bit. Still, don't exaggerate, and use common sense :-)

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