Subject: AMD CPU + Heatsink stuck together
By: Thee_Beaver323 (IP: 210.246.47.*)
Written on: 07-03-2005 06:40

I needed to take my heatsink out so I could install another harddirve, it was in the way, and when it came off the cpu was stuck to the bottom. How do I install them properly again, or remove the cpu to put it back in?

AMD 64 3000+ and standard heatsink

By: kofrad (IP: 65.8.195.*)
Written on: 10-03-2005 03:56

This can happen when you put on too much thermal grease, or misapply the thermal grease, just carefully (without bending the pins!) twist the cpu back and forth until it comes off. This has happened to me a few times, and scared me shitless the first time, but I was able to remove the cpu carefully, and everything was fine.
By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.34.*)
Written on: 10-03-2005 11:55


it can also be due to a melted thermal pad that sticks. Fortunately, the Athlon 64 has a heat spreader and is not as prone to mechanical damage as the older Athlon CPUs. So, you can twist it off alright. Just make sure you don't bend the pins - maybe try keeping the CPU in the socket while uninstalling the heatsink.

By: biff (IP: 81.151.133.*)
Written on: 30-03-2005 00:15

hi did you not try and just take off the front of your case and fit the new drive through from there it would save any bother .that is if your case is up to this type off fitting hope this helps bie
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