Subject: My laptop keeps shutting down in the middle of game
By: OVERHEATING (IP: 66.82.9.*)
Written on: 14-03-2005 05:47


My laptop keeps shutting down in the middle of a pc game. It is unusual because it ran fine for about 8 months on this laptop but the laptop itself shuts down after about 25 minutes of gameplay. I have a temperature monitor and right now it reads
Hard Drive: 49 degree c
Temp1 (ACPI temp): 67 degree C

Is this an issue with the heatsink? It does feel awefully hot when it shuts down.?

By: Isko (IP: 80.65.90.*)
Written on: 30-03-2005 11:48


I'm having the same problem lately, although it's a desktop PC (3,2 GHz Intel Pentium, 1 GB DRAM, ASUS Motherboard), not a notebook. The reason that you didn't had this problem for the past 8 months is that you've played games with less requirements on the processor and graphics card. The newest games and the ones still to come will drive the processor to its limit, and of course, this means problems with the colling. I must add that my PC shuts down only when playing games like Far Cry, Football managers etc., and this will get worse when the summer comes, with outside temperatures up to 40 deg. C. I can solve the problem relativly easily by adding two more cooling fans, but for you it may be a problem doing that on your notebook. You also didn't specify what kind of notebook it is, do you have place for additional heatpipes etc.
By: SHAZZAM (IP: 213.132.158.*)
Written on: 04-05-2005 13:02

I have a compaq presario with 1gb of ram and I have the same problem when Playing pc game hitman 2 silent assassin. about 20-25 mins into gameplay it becomes absolutely hot with fury and inevitably shuts down. Dont know how to rectify this prob. Ne1 with helpful info pls let me know.

By: pastoreric (IP: 206.253.51.*)
Written on: 18-05-2005 21:58

I have had similar probs. on my E-mach lap...and am on way to purchase a generic laptop cooling station...I believe Targas makes's similar to a docking station except it has about three extra cooling fans that are USB driven.

I don't know if it'll work, but right now I'm about up for anything
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