Subject: Cooling using outside air?
By: CarbineBoy (IP: 66.82.9.*)
Written on: 16-03-2005 21:43

Its pretty cold around here from November until March and generally below 55 degrees outside in the summer at night. Was contemplating a duct that would draw cold air from outside into the box. I would use a vacuum air filter outside to keep air from rushing into the computer when the air pressure varies in the house and outside. Ever heard of anything like this? When its like 20 degrees here would limit the flow with a fan controller. Can air be too cold? I know the temp will be somewhat inconsistent coming into the computer. During the summer I would disconnect the system during the day or turn off the duct fan. This would 1) allow fresh air in my basement 2) cool my computer for OCing

Thanks! Chuck

By: Boricua_Emt_Jedi_Treker (IP: 69.79.91.*)
Written on: 11-04-2005 17:37

Have u ever heard of laminal flow?

Is the very concept u r just using to move air from outside to the last part of your lungs (alveoli) airway it begins with one "tube" (traquea)
it divides in two (bronchi) thwn 4 then 8 so on ... another example get a regular straw (the one u use to zip ur softdrink- sorry dont know another name for the thingy) now bolw thru it notice resistence and force needed to blow, now take say 20 or so little straws - those used to stir hot coffe when u blow thru them u will notice the diference in resistence and force needed at the end in both cases its the same amount of air but so many little straws dispersing if u will the pressure it will feel as a soft laminal flow...
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