Subject: Max. temperature of motherboard
By: Pedja (IP: 194.106.188.*)
Written on: 19-03-2005 23:54

I have Penitum 4 2.8GHz/800MHz/512k with Spire EasyStream IV cooler and it's working on MSI 865PE NEO2-P motherboard. I also have Antec case with two 120mm fans on case and two fans on power suply (one is at the bottom of it) and in that case MSI FX5200 (passive cooling without fan) and PCI TV card. Does somebody know what is the maximum motherboard temperature for this motherboard and this configuration which I have? Sensor on the mb is Winbond w83627thf. Thanks a lot.

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.36.*)
Written on: 24-03-2005 02:02


usually, motherboard manufacturers do not specify a maximum operating temperature; also, the "motherboard temperature" as read by the sensor only represents the temperature at the particular sensor location, and therefore the term "motherboard temperature" is a bit misleading - usually, it's rather a more or less accurate representation of case temperature.

Generally, temperatures of up to 40C inside the case can be considered normal. Your cooling setup should be by far sufficient. Personally, I use a similar P4 CPU, I have 4 HDDs in my system, and yet no additional case fan - just a low-rpm 80mm fan in the power supply. Yet the system doesn't overheat and is running stable for years.

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