Subject: Quiet case fans
By: Doc (IP: 24.127.140.*)
Written on: 23-03-2005 00:00

I am looking for a replacement fans for my Lian Li Ultra Quiet case and none of the vendors provide a search by dB level. Any thoughts on how to search for a set of quiet fans?

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.36.*)
Written on: 24-03-2005 01:55


my personal recommendation are Papst fans; the "NGL" or "NGMLV" (temperature controlled) series. I use these in my own system - they use quiet sleeve bearings, but nevertheless have excellent long-term reliability (unlike many mother sleeve bearing fans). The 8412NGL is rated at 19db .

Generally don't overestimate the value of db as specified by the manufacturer - in the case of Papst, it may be accurate, but often (especially with cheap manufacturers), it is pure fantasy.

By: Doc (IP: 24.127.140.*)
Written on: 24-03-2005 06:47

Thanks Tillmann,

I'll post the results of my search here.

By: justme (IP: 81.154.154.*)
Written on: 17-04-2005 14:38 is the place to start with all things quiet related.

By: DunkingBird (IP: 203.126.26.*)
Written on: 17-05-2006 06:52

Is fan noise the only factor to consider? My case has what I would described as standard and cheap Taiwan made case fan. They emit almost zero noise when it is blowing in free space. (like when I am holding it with my finger tips). The moment I install it on to the casing, it creates such a loud noise from casing vibration and air turbulence through the puched out holes. I strongly believe the way the fan is installed is just as important as the fan design itself.
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