Subject: How to turn fan throttling OFF
By: Meo (IP: 66.153.151.*)
Written on: 25-03-2005 19:58

I can become accustomed to fan noise if it's constant. But the throttling is driving me crazy. I had to buy a new fan because my old one quit, and this new one seems to hover between fast and slow. It speeds up and slows down constantly so I'd rather just have the thing run at one constant speed. It's controlled by the motherboard but I don't have any sort of setting for the fan in BIOS.

By: TillmannHi, (IP: 83.121.32.*)
Written on: 31-03-2005 14:45


first, you should identify what causes the speed control. It can be:

- the motherboard, or
- the heatsink itself, with its own thermal sensor

If it's the motherboard, you _should_ really be able to disable it in the BIOS - if not, maybe try a BIOS update. If it doesn't work, try connecting the fan to a different fan connector on the motherboard. If all else fails, connect it to the power supply directly, with the aid of a converter (4-pin PS plug to 3-pin MOLEX, commonly available at retailers specialized in cooling).

If it's the heatsink itself, and the thermal sensor is integrated into the fan, you need to replace the fan. If the thermal sensor is accessible from the outside, you may be able to force the fan into maximum speed (disabling temperature control) by short-circuiting the thermal sensor - this works for all temperature controlled fans I've ever seen - but don't blame me if it breaks yours.

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