Subject: Identifying my P4 model to find my max CPU temperature.
By: Cabeza2000 (IP: 217.132.186.*)
Written on: 31-03-2005 12:54

I am browsing Intel site for finding my P4 specs without success. All I know is I have a P4 2.4 Ghz and since my CPU runs on a 50C average temperature and reach almost 70C on peak use I want to know my MAX recommended temp.

In the pass I had lose two Motherboards due heat and do not want to experience it again on my 18 months old computer.

Wich tools can I use to find my CPU specs and therefore be able to know my max temperature.

Note: System is not overclocked.

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.32.*)
Written on: 31-03-2005 14:39


I suggest that you try the tool "CPU-Z", which does exactly that - identify your CPU withou the need of opening your case and removing the heatsink.

Get it from - it's free.

70C is quite high for some P4 models. For summer, you should consider better cooling.

By: Cabeza2000 (IP: 217.132.58.*)
Written on: 31-03-2005 18:08

Ok, first of all, thanks for a fast answer...

And now the rest...

I downloaded the tool you recommended to me and here is what I got:

Then, in order to use the Processor Spec Finder at Intel corporal site I got from this report Mfg Tech , Stepping and Cache Size and whit some other info from Sandra I narrowed my search and found that my Thermal Spec is 70C .

I managed to lower the average temperature in 4~5 C after long time of no cleaning... CPU FAN was almost blocked but now is clean.

By using hard cpu usage programs I am reaching now 62~63 C instead of previous 67~68 .

It seems to be still high...

What is your recommendation? Should I get a new FAN? How much do you believe it will cost me?

Thanks in advance
By: Pedja (IP: 194.106.188.*)
Written on: 29-04-2005 04:08

I had a same problem.Original boxed Intel coolers seems to me that are very bad solution.I have a Genuine Intel 2.8GHz and I replace original Intel cooler with Spire (I think it is Easy stream IV).Now I have much better results with my pc temperature.If you want to know which processor you have in your machine you have on Intel site program for that.If you want I can send you this program by e-mail.Contact me if you want to send you this program on this e-mail address:, or just try to find it on Intel site.
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