Subject: temperature control with RPM monitoring
By: erv (IP: 193.178.232.*)
Written on: 08-04-2005 15:05

In the "Temperature control" article it is stated that this unit will not work with RPM monitoring. Is the reason behind this the fact that it "chops" the GND wire, not the +12V one? That would explain why one would need a P channel fet so we can chop another wire. (A quick google search did not reveal how the RPM monitoring works, but I am guessing that it probably sends some impulses against the GND)
What would be the scheme if we would want it to work with the monitoring? Could it basically be reversed or there is something more to it? Maybe author of the article could update it with the other scheme too, maybe with not that detailed instructions, just the scheme...


By: ben (IP: 211.28.95.*)
Written on: 26-07-2005 15:57

if this article is correct:

then all u need to do is attach the rpm monitoring wire of the fan to the motherboard fan socket.

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 26-07-2005 16:08


no; although the article you linked to is correct, it does NOT apply to the fan control posted on my site.

Trying to get rpm monitoring with the temperature control this way WILL NOT WORK and is likely to DAMAGE YOUR MOTHERBOARD (sorry for shouting ).

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