Subject: Computer is working but nothing in Monitor!
By: noralain (IP: 12.210.32.*)
Written on: 21-04-2005 17:40

Last friday, I installed new additional storage hard drive. first i removed all 12 silent fans from the case and i cleaned them from the dust. then i cleaned the CPU fan and heatsink. Afterthat i installed the new hard drive. when i run my Computer the CPU temp is getting high 68C and CPU fan make a noise. Its running so fast. so i shut down my PC and i removed the heatsink with the CPU fan and I checked them again and there is nothing wrong with it. I checked the processor and it was perfect. then i run my computer and it working fine but nothing appears in the Monitor ! . i got message in monitor says: monitor is in safe power mode. i thought the monitor is not working any more, I changed the monitor and i brought different one and its same. it says Check the cable between monitor and PC. i checked that a hundred times. its same. i brought my friend pc and i checked my graphics card in his pc and it runs perfect. so i don't know where is the problem.

i gave my pc to an expert and he told me the processor is broke ! he took the cpu fan and heat sink and he run the computer.. it works for 3 seconds and the monitor shows the system information then computer shuts down after 3 seconds and we touched the processor and it was so hot.

so is the problem from the processor? do i need new one?

i have P4 3.06 MHz in 533 MHz FSB with 1.0 GB RAM and 200 GB hard drive with 256 MB Geforce graphics card and plus more .. all installed in Thermaltake large case with 12 silent fans.

i need help so fast please. i have to work in projects and homeworks.

By: larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 27-01-2006 18:43

yeah thats a dreaded problem. i could be anything, it probably your cpu because you handled it. And you sa you took of the heatsiink - not as good idea unless you replace the thermal compund
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