Subject: overheating whith high temperature
By: Vincent (IP: 80.201.139.*)
Written on: 23-04-2005 23:37

Hello everybody and thanks for your webforum.
First of all apologize my sentences. I'm a poor french with overheating of his CPU.
Since one or two weeks, the bios indicate to me a cpu temperature of (!!!) 85 - 90C and more but when +100 the pc turns off.
I know that this temperature is absolutly not normal.
I don't use any special "hard" program or games. I just use my pc for office or internet.
I check my cpu fan and what i saw is 2-3mm of dust above the"radiator".
I decide to clean the fan and replace the thermal compound.
The fan (nidec F08A-12B8S1) has a speed of +- 2650rpm and it seems to be correct (bios indication).
1) Is it normal to have a so high temperature without using the pc "hardly".
2) Is it not a problem with my bios that not function correctly?? (false indication?)
3) What can i do if the problem of overheating still stay after the cleaning of my CPU fan?

Do someone has any suggestion or solutions?

Thanks a lot



By: Vincent (IP: 80.201.139.*)
Written on: 23-04-2005 23:48

Sorry, it's me again
One precision: radiator = heatsinks
And i have a P4 3.00Ghz 1024k prescott socket 478. One case cooling.NVidea FX5200. TV Capture.processor card: D865GLC
By: insomnia477 (IP: 12.220.244.*)
Written on: 28-04-2005 03:10

No that is not normal for a p4, I work on pc's daily and the average temp for a p4 is around 50-60 degrees celcius. i would check and make sure that the case has proper ventilation (nothing blocking the vents in side, back or front. if inside a cabinete, remove to open area). also you may need additional case fans or a bigger and better heatsink.

just and added note, the p4's slow their clock speed as they heat up, so if you solve your cooling problem, your pc will probably speed up.

By: insomnia477 (IP: 12.220.244.*)
Written on: 28-04-2005 03:15

one more thing that i forgot to mention is that the temp monitor is built into cpu, and i have seen p4's display abnormal temps in bios, and after cpu replacement temp is normal. it may just be the sensor is feeding bogus info to mainboard. i forgot to ask what are your case temps?
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