Subject: Laptop HSF isn't powering up
By: Katatonic (IP: 202.7.183.*)
Written on: 28-04-2005 17:46


For some reason my HSF just isn't getting power (it is not dead, already checked)

Now I was told that I can just power it from somewhere else on the motherboard? Either from a parallel port or USB port, but this might require soldering?

Anyone help me here?

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.167.156.*)
Written on: 28-04-2005 18:29


you can power it from a plug from the power supply. Many retailers specialized in cooling offer adapters from the 4-pin power supply plug to the 3-pin MOLEX plug. No soldering is required if you use such an adapter.

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.167.156.*)
Written on: 28-04-2005 18:31


oops, I overread that you were talking about a laptop. Here it gets a bit more complicated; and yes it will involve soldering. I'd look at a way to get power from the HDD's power connector (e.g. solder an additional wire to it, of course it must be well insulate afterwards).

Laptop fans are typically temperature controlled, so after connecting the fan to an alternative power source, it will run full power all the time, which may make the laptop very loud.

If your laptop is rather new, it's probably better to have it repaired by manufacturer or by a shop then soldering yourself.

By: Katatonic (IP: 202.7.183.*)
Written on: 03-05-2005 12:36

Is there no way I can get it to be temperature controlled?

I hate playing with laptops, I always lose screws and they're so difficult to work with, especially because all models have their different ways.

Anyway, it's quite old, P3 1ghz so I can't take it back to the manufacturer and getting it serviced is way too expensive.

Cheers for the help.

Great site too.
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