Subject: temperature control
By: johno (IP: 150.101.110.*)
Written on: 12-05-2005 12:10

Thanks for your temperature control device instructions. I built one and am very pleased with it. Really makes a difference to the noise level. Works a treat! Parts weren't so cheap here in Tasmania though.
Interesting site too.
All the best cobber.

By: Katatonic (IP: 202.7.183.*)
Written on: 14-05-2005 18:15

Yea, I have to admit this is a pretty great site.

Contains pretty much everything you need to know about cooling

Keep it up Tillman.
By: Brett (IP: 24.136.254.*)
Written on: 20-06-2005 03:58

Hi Jhonno,

I just discovered this site myself, and am really impressed. I'm thinking about building the temp controller too, but I have a question for you. Where did you mount the temp sensor? Should it be near the CPU, physically touching the heatsink, hanging in the center of the case, or somewhere else?

If anyone knows something about thermo, can you tell me if the max temp of the CPU is X, what is the approximate temp at the heat sink? Is it a difference of a few degrees C, or a few tens of degrees?

Thanks all for a great site and great discussion.

By: johno (IP: 150.101.110.*)
Written on: 02-07-2005 13:21

I put the temp sensor on the side of the heatsink itself. Then I adjusted so the fans just start to spin at cpu temp of 28 deg and I find that it keeps the cpu temp at 30 at idle. As soon as any load is on the fans start up. I also use vcool.
2400xp asus a7v8x-x btw
By: Brett (IP: 24.136.254.*)
Written on: 21-08-2005 02:29

I just want to say "thanks" to everyone for the good advice. With my girlfriend out of town, I finally had a free Saturday to build the fan control. It works beautifully! When completely idle, the fan stays off. When I start to load the CPU, the fan kicks on at 30 degrees and keeps the temperature stable at about 31 degrees. Under a full load (running SETI@Home) the fan runs at about 80% of full speed, which is much quieter than 100%, and still maintains the temperature at 45 degrees, well below the spec for my CPU.
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