Subject: Case Fan
By: Karen (IP: 69.109.174.*)
Written on: 16-05-2005 08:02

I want to install my case fan so that it exhausts air but i dont know which way the case fan should face, right now i have the logo facing the outside, and air seems to be blowing from both sides of the fan but the air is stronger inside the case, which way is the right way?

By: Katatonic (IP: 202.7.183.*)
Written on: 17-05-2005 15:34

Look at this article:

It has diagrams etc to help you.

By: Atropos (IP: 81.86.171.*)
Written on: 22-05-2005 03:50

For the most, air is blown out of the fan towards the side that the wires enter the motor housing. So, if you have the label facing outwards, that should be fine as labels are generally placed on that side of the fan.

Some fan manufacturers also mold direction indicators on the outer edge of the fan casing, indicating rotation direction and airflow direction, so check that.

You can also generally tell the airflow direction by looking at the shape of the fan blades. The slightly concave side of the fan blades faces the direction that air is blown out.

If you have the fan around the correct way but you are feeling some air coming back throught the fan, then the case vent design maybe restricting airflow out slightly, cause a blowback effect.

Hope that helps.
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