Subject: Laptop thermal pad
By: Yawar (IP: 24.175.139.*)
Written on: 20-05-2005 21:30


I bought an Asus M6Bne and the cooling solution is a heatpipe with a thermal pad interface connecting to a heatsink/fan. I was told not to put any thermal compound in and was wondering if that was accurate.

I couldn't quite follow the English in the thermal compound guide:

"In no case, a thermal pad and thermal compound should be used together."

Does that mean, "you should, in no situation, use the two together?" Or is that, "In any case, you should use both together."

The processor is a 1.7 Dothan but it runs at ~60C and has slowly been creeping higher. I'm wondering if I oughta reopen it, clean out the hair from my GF's cat, and apply thermal compound to the heat pipe/CPU interface.

Any ideas?

By: Atropos (IP: 81.86.171.*)
Written on: 30-05-2005 16:17

I would interpret that as, 'don't use a thermal pad and thermal compound at the same time', since that would normally be the case.

Using a thermal pad or] thermal compound are two separate choices. Use one or the other, but not both together.
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