Subject: Did I overheat it??
By: nicrs (IP: 68.101.145.*)
Written on: 25-05-2005 05:32

Just put together a new system with 775 cpu 3.2Ghz and Asus motherboard. During the first start I waited for about 3 min. to see if the fan would kick on and then decided to shut down the power supply to avoid damage from overheating. Turned out that I hadn't plugged in the cpu-fan. So I plugged the fan into the motherboard and powered up to get the fan going. The same startup screen appeared and I haven't gotten any further, however I'm curious as to what temperature does the cpu become harmed. I've heard up to 68-72 C (celsius that is). Which if I'm not mistaken is around 158 F (fahrenheit), which is more than boiling hot.


By: Braveheart! (IP: 62.249.226.*)
Written on: 27-05-2005 21:20

Get good heatsink and make very thinner thermal paste that usual reduce the temp --- 71c is far too hotter that make for yer breakfast!!

try thermaltake heatsink which is good one... I used Athlon 64 3800+ "Venice" and Tt Venus 12 - run at 34-39c full load, excellent temp
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