Subject: peltier cooled gecko egg incubator?
By: jmorris (IP: 67.124.10.*)
Written on: 26-05-2005 11:43

OK, so I'm no an electronics guy at all... never touched a soldering iron and don't know what the inside of my comp looks like. I am, however, a reptile nerd, and I am breeding a gecko species which requires egg incubation temps in the low 70s / high 60s. So, with that in mind, let's see if you guys/gals can help me determine how (if it is at all feasible) to build a low temperature incubator. Oh, and I have read parts 1-3 of the peltier pages.

I have this idea of taking a simple styrofoam cooler/box, cutting a hole in it, putting a TEC in the hole, blowing a fan over the heatsink attached to the hot side of the TEC, and having a thermostat which turns the TEC and fan on and off as needed to keep the temperature consistently 71 degrees F in a house which gets into the 80s at times.

Now, questions: 1) I'm not sure what kind of TEC or heatsink would be appropriate for this job, or how I would set it up in the wall of the styrofoam box. 2) I don't know anything about thermostats--I just want it to keep the temperature constant. 3) I'm completely clueless on how to wire this setup.

Feel free to answer question that you think I should have asked but was too ignorant come up with.


By: jmorris (IP: 67.124.10.*)
Written on: 27-05-2005 07:27

OK, so I got an idea on the temp controller... can anyone tell me if this will work? I'm thinking the simple low cost Model 5C7-347A from McShane Inc It's only $62.00, and includes: controller, cable, knob, potentiometer and Celsius dial decal. Add in the $10-20 for a sensor, and it's still cheaper than others I've found online.

On the other hand, I work at a fish store, and can get temp controllers for water chilling units for about $50. I'm worried that this wont work however, since the sensor is made to work in water... thoughts?

I'm still lost on what type of TEC to use, or if this idea will even work. Would I be better off just buying a thermoelectric mini-fridge or cooler (I'm wondering how stable their temperature settings are)?

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