Subject: computer restarting
By: jonny (IP: 81.157.113.*)
Written on: 27-05-2005 18:30

hello everyone. my computer keeps restarting by itself all the time. i went into control panel, system, advanced and startup and recovery and i unchecked the automatically restart box under the system failure section but it still keeps restarting. i went into BIOS and the pc-health bit to check my temperatures and my CPU temp was 71 degrees celcius and the system temp was 37 degrees celcius. could this be the reason why it restarts all the time by itself. can anyone please help me?

By: Braveheart! (IP: 62.249.226.*)
Written on: 27-05-2005 21:18

Yes if it over 70c then Windows usual shut down itself to protect your PC hardware from damage so you need to get good heatsink like Thermaltake and spread very thinner paste into core and then it will reduce to below 45c

Athlon 64 usual max at 65c - for Sempron or XP usual at 80/85c, if you use Athlon 64 then get Thermaltake Silent Boost or Vens 12 heatsink which is good one - I used Venus 12 with manual tuning (overclocking supported) on my 3800+ Venice and run at 34-39c full load (31-32c at idle)
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