Subject: temps way too high
By: CBizzle (IP: 24.209.218.*)
Written on: 30-05-2005 00:03

I just bought a new fan and some AS5, the fan is a Zalman - Cu Universal HSF...

and my processor is an AMD 3500+. Im running it on an Abit AV8 Pro, and viewing my Temps through its uGuru EQ. Idle its about 47 C and full load after an hour or so its about 68 C! I don't understand, I thought I bought good parts, but maybe not? Or could it be that my temp reader is inaccurate..... Any suggestions/help/advice/etc. would be nice, and thanks in advance.

By: ph00cin (IP: 12.153.240.*)
Written on: 01-07-2005 18:54

It could be the fan is not positioned correctly. long time ago I upgraded to a 3200xp using the std hsf, on running prime95 the cpu temp hit 106c - i sh@t myself - turned out the hsf wasn't correctly aligned even tho it had clipped in ok.

If you were using another hsf make sure you removed all the old TIM as per the instructions from the arctic silver website

good luck!

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