Subject: 90 degrees
By: blackcherry (IP: 194.151.59.*)
Written on: 30-05-2005 19:23


I'm not a computer expert, so this may sound very stupid... apologies in advance.

My computer kept getting blue screens and after a few weeks (oops!) i realized it could depend on the temperature of the cpu: when I checked from the bios it was around 90 degrees (athlon xp 2100). I opened the case and the fans were indeed running (even if the bios says the opposite... but this happened since i "assembled" the computer, so i disabled that check from the beginning). The case was full of dust and cat hair (thanks Mitcy). I unplagged everything to clean... then I plugged back and now it won't start at all, nor the fans turn.

Any idea of what could have happened? Something burnt, maybe? (I couldn't smell anything though.)

Thanks in advance for any reply!

By: droid714 (IP: 70.187.77.*)
Written on: 10-06-2005 06:07

Some Athlon mobos will not start unless there is a fan plugged into the CPU fan header. In some cases, there may be a cse fan header adjacent to the CPU fan header. It's easy to plug the CPU into the wrong location.
By: Larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 27-01-2006 18:32

how did you clea the dust out?? you could have destroyed it with static
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