Subject: PC Cooling
By: funky_demon (IP: 80.42.22.*)
Written on: 04-06-2005 16:28

I think i have got to the root of my problem, but i need a bit of help fixing it.

My PC kept crashing, and it was suggested it was either the PSU not strong enough, or getting too hot.

I fitted a new PSU, but it crashed still.

I then had the PC working, with the side panel off, and an ordinary room fan blowing into it. All the time this is going on, it doesnt crash.

In terms of fans, i have 1 on the back, 1 on the PSU, one on the CPU

What advice can u give me to get the temperature down, without having to use it with the side panel off


By: davcefai (IP: 80.71.102.*)
Written on: 10-07-2005 22:32

Look for the air inlets at the front bottom of the case. Are they clogged with dust?
Are all the slots at the back of the case blanked off? If not, close them up. You want the air to flow from the front bottom of the case diagonally up to the power supply.
Check that your cables are tidy and allow air flow.

The PC used to work well so something has changed. Usually it is one of the above.

If this fails fit a case fan. See article on case cooling on this site.
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