Subject: cooling blankets
By: Larry (IP: 66.170.144.*)
Written on: 15-06-2005 16:20

Does anyone know if there is a blanket that could be used to cool down a person. Full size.

By: Sherri (IP: 66.173.145.*)
Written on: 20-07-2005 18:42

I was trying to find the same thing. I suffer from severe night sweats. While everyone else in the house is freezing at night, I'm kicking off covers and feeling like I'm on fire! I can only find products geared towards hospitals or horses! There must be something that can either be draped over a person or possibly a gel/water pad that could be inserted under the sheets to keep you cool at night. It seems like such a good idea, but I can't find anything out there.
By: william strinden, md (IP: 72.26.1.*)
Written on: 22-08-2005 03:19

I am a surgeon. We use these products in the hospital frequently. The term to look for is hyperthermia blankets. If someone has a high fever (hyperthermia) we put them on a cooling blanket. They are water filled and have a fairly large, bulky, and I'm sure expensive refrigeration unit with a pump which circulates the cold water. I have in mind to make a contained submersible pump system inside a metal container and put it in a small chest-type freezer. No doubt hundreds of dollars less expensive than the unit which is sold to hospitals. But you can get the blanket alone from CZI corporation or from several other sources. My wife keeps the house at about 62 degrees and it freezes everyone else out at night. If I can cool her side of the bed we can save a fortune in air conditioning bills.
By: Dr. Bago (IP: 68.62.246.*)
Written on: 29-08-2005 09:54

I found this page called Silver Eagle Outfitters. Apparently they sell some kind of cooling blanket. If anyone buys one, please let me know how it works out.
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