Subject: Cant find suitable Heat sink
By: Melanie (IP: 216.16.235.*)
Written on: 15-06-2005 19:48

I ordered 6 Chenbro PC71023 Cases about 6 months ago. The supplier said they would fit my P4 775 CPU, but they didnt, I called my supplier and he sent me the updated version of this case with the new Heat sinks. Now I have 6 great cases sitting in my office, and no suitable heatsink. My supplier refuses to let me order just the heat sink, and the heat sink itself is not labelled.

the reason its so hard to find:

It has a side fan, which is what makes the case great. The Fan description on their site is: 60 mm side cooling fan with venting holes for HDD

I dont know if anyone else has come across a problem like this, or with this specific case. I could ery easliy use a cooling system where the fan is not on the side, but then my PC shows "overheat errors" for all my clients.

Thanks for any help you can provide me with (no I am not a technical person so please excuse my ignorance)


By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 17-06-2005 17:32


the problem is that this case comes with a heatsink for Socket 478, whereas you have a CPU for Socket 775. There are heatsinks with side fans for Socket 775, e.g. the unit reviewed here: [URL][URL]

However, since the case is so small and compact, this heatsink might not fit in - if you want to give it a try, measure the available space in your case, and compare to the heatsink size specifications.

Another option would be to use a regular (compact) heatsink, and keep the fan - just the fan! - from the old heatsink. You can probably just unscrew it from the Socket 478 heatsink. If you are lucky, it will hold by itself in the blue fan bay; otherwise it needs to be fixed using screws again - in the worst case you need to drill additional holes. in the case.

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