Subject: What's the difference between CPU Temp and ACPI Temp?
By: jgeretz (IP: 68.196.186.*)
Written on: 19-06-2005 10:36

SpeedFan is showing a temperature of 40C for CPU and 61C for ACPI. Why the huge discrepancy between these two?


By: insomnia477 (IP: 12.220.244.*)
Written on: 19-06-2005 15:27

most likely the program is displaying the wrong info for sensors, you temps are more likely to be 61 for cpu and 40 for case. should be some options in program to configure which sensor does what.
By: jgeretz (IP: 68.196.186.*)
Written on: 19-06-2005 18:10

Thanks for your reply.

However, the utility which came with my ABIT motherboard, SmartGuardian, shows the CPU Temp as 43C. This corresponds with what SpeedFan shows as Temp1 from chip IT8712F. SmartGuardian doesn't show any such temperature reading of 61C so I'm puzzled as to where this is coming from.

BTW, I had difficulty installing my OS, Win XP Pro, correctly. The first time I installed, it automatically installed the HAL for 'ACPI Uniprocessor PC'. I doubt this is correct since my motherboard only supports one CPU. With this configuration my CPU fan ran really fast and noisy. I just reinstalled, forcing the HAL to 'Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC'. The CPU fan runs much slower now, but since the reinstall, this new temperature reading has shown up in SpeedFan.

I'm trying my best to keep the CPU cool with a minimal CPU fan speed. I have 5 PC's running in my office and this newest one, P4 2.93 is louder than the other four combined due to the noisy CPU fan/heatsink!

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