Subject: Help a newbie choose a CPU cooling that won't fail
By: Nelo (IP: 80.58.44.*)
Written on: 26-06-2005 03:52

I'm building a desktop PC for the first time, so I'm a newbie. I'm aware of the heat problem with the CPU. I have a few questions, please excuse if some sound ridiculous:

1) I'm going for the Athlon 64 X2 4400MHz twin core CPU and an ASUS A8N-SLI (Socket 939) motherboard to match it. I have not yet ordered anything, so I don't know for sure what to expect in the CPU package. Is a heatsink usually included? Is the one included good enough?

2) This will sound weird: Does a CPU fan such as this -
- [B]SUBSTITUTE[/B] a heatsink? Should it go [B]COMBINED[/B] with a heatsink? Or maybe it [B]IS[/B] the heatsink itself? (Because it looks kind of more than just a fan to me)

Please excuse my ignorance, it's a not a very frequent infomation to come by especially for a newbie at computer building. I will appreciate any ideas and comments. :-)

By: Zippo (IP: 70.56.193.*)
Written on: 29-06-2005 03:36

That butterfly looking thing is a heatsink, and the fan next to it blows off the hot air. I've been told that heatsink is quite good by some techie friends.
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