Subject: Noisy Intel fan
By: oxfo (IP: 195.93.21.*)
Written on: 29-06-2005 15:41

System - P4 3.2G Prescott/300W power sup/1G memory /60G maxtor hdd/Gainward geforce 5900xt graphics card. Had problem with heat in case when I played Doom3,processor fan rpm would increase and become very noisy so fitted front mounted fan and modded case to fit side mounted as well.This helped but still get noise when running any "graphics heavy" progs - Adobe Photoshop,Empire Earth2 etc. so usually open up case case when noise increases,can anyone recommend a solution/better fan than the one that Intel supply with processor?Thanks.

By: Robinaldo (IP: 70.56.193.*)
Written on: 29-06-2005 20:24

I'm not sure if your P4 has the same heatsink design as mine, but Thermaltake makes a heatsink for the P4 with the same style of heatsink (round with kind of a spiral pattern) and a quieter and more effective fan with bigger fins. It's a bit noisy still, but it's not the high, whiny P4 fan.
By: davcefai (IP: 80.71.102.*)
Written on: 10-07-2005 21:52

I've had 2 Intel Fans on 2 PCs fail in this way recently:

Fan starts out quiet, then speed increases to maximum at about 100 rpm per minute. Shut down and restart immediately (so that processor does not have time to cool down appreciably) and the pattern is repeated, ie it is not the CPU getting too hot. Solution: new fans.
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