Subject: AMD X2 4800+ Overheating?
By: Jimmy (IP: 24.117.146.*)
Written on: 03-07-2005 09:44

So I am quite concerned about my new dual core temperatures. I'm using:

AMD X2 4800+
2 GB Corsair DDR400
2 nVidia 7800 GTX
Thermaltake Case (Xaser - 7 case fans)

I've tried cpu fan\heatsinks so far, a Thermaltake venus and i'm now using a Zalman 700B.

Idle CPU temp: 47 C
Load CPU temp: 60 C
Idle MOBO temp: 51 C

I know these temps are not crazy temps... but I've been on newegg reading reviews of various HSF and water cooling systems... everybody under the sun idles at 30 and full loads at 45 C.

According to the research I've done around the net, the AMD X2's critical temperature is about 65 C... and common advice says to run your idle temp at 20 C less than critical (or 45 C in my case).

A. Help me get cooler!! Do I need to go to water cooling? Is it a case issue? Are my 80 C dual video cards making air cooling impossible?

B. Are my numbers OK? Am I worrying for no reason?

Many thanks,

By: Jimmy (IP: 24.117.146.*)
Written on: 03-07-2005 09:46

2 quick updates:

- Yes, I am using Arctic Silver 5.
- Both 7800 GTX's idle at 60 C and under load hit 85 C

By: Jimmy (IP: 24.117.146.*)
Written on: 05-07-2005 09:13


I haven't seen any temps higher than 51 C on my CPU!!

What did I do you ask? Two things:
1. I lowered my core voltage from 1.4 V to 1.275 V. This is not good for trying to overclocking, but in this hot system, it was crucial.

2. I modded my case! I added an Antec 120 mm fan right next to the dual 7800's to blow their increadibly hot air out of the case (and thus preventing the CPU from attempting to cool with it).

Considering the 7800's get up to 80 C, the hot air they spew out was sufficating the AMD. Poor thing!

One last note: Based on AMD's website, the critical temperature on the 4800+ is indeed 65 C, so I was riding a very thin line.

Hope this info helps somebody,
By: deputycag (IP: 67.81.157.*)
Written on: 15-07-2005 22:37

If you are not overclocking have you tried to enable Cool and Quit in the bios? This will slow your processor down to less than 1ghz and lower you voltage. Tempatures will drop allot. Worked good for me.
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