Subject: cant shut down computer
By: rogcorr (IP: 216.175.94.*)
Written on: 05-07-2005 01:26

i just replaced my cpu fan cause it was noisy and would freeze and cause my processor to heat up and slow my puter down. i now have a new problem.......i cant turn off my computer anymore, every time i try to shut down it goes thru the process but then starts right back up again, even if i try to shut it down with the button on the comp case. if i unplug the comp and then plug the power back in then it stays off but as soon as i turn it on again, i cant shut it down again and it just resarts itself everytime i try to turn it off. couple things i noticed....this new fan never stops spinning, shouldnt it stop and start on its own whenever it needs to cool down the processor? another thing i notice is that the original fan only had two cables coming out of it, a red and a black one, then the red one gets split into two and they all go into the the end where it plugs into the motherboard.....two red and one black. this new fan has three cables coming out of the fan and all the way to the end where it plugs into the motherboard, one black, one red and one yellow. i think that might be the problem.......maybe the yellow is supposed to be some kind of relay to turn the fan off and maybe wont let the comp shut down? i dont know. the original fan is made by minebea co. ltd., ive tried looking but only find wholesellers, of course i only need one. the model is 2406gl-04w-b50. i would appreciate any thoughts or info.

By: insomnia477 (IP: 12.220.244.*)
Written on: 06-07-2005 06:39

the yellow wire is the signal wire( tells motherboard the fan speed). try going into bios and loading defalut settings, to see if still restarts. i think the key to press is F1. just turn it on and start pressing F1, i think F5 loads defaults and F10 saves and exits, depending on the model

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