Subject: heatsink problem
By: helpmeplz (IP: 165.21.154.*)
Written on: 18-07-2005 10:33

I am using a pentium 4 processor and its original heatsink and fan.

but recently my pc refuse to start. But when i loosen the heatsink by releasing the 2 white levers at the side, my pc works again. And when i close the levers, it refused to start again. (blank screen, cpu, system fans and harddisk still spinning, cd rom still works and motherboard does not beep. Normally, my motherboard will beep once when i on the pc.)
I released the two levers again and my pc works again but the heatsink is not conducting the heat from the cpu and the heatsink is hot. Anyone know whats wrong with my pc?

By: helpmeplz (IP: 165.21.154.*)
Written on: 18-07-2005 10:34

sry. my heatsink is cold and its not hot. Typed too fast...
By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.244.*)
Written on: 18-07-2005 10:43


it appears that your motherboard is defective. When fastening the levers, a lot of pressure is put on the motherboard and it is slightly bent. This is normal and the motherboard must withstand it. However, in your case, it appears that this causes a faulty contact on the board.

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