Subject: Temp too hot ?
By: dan (IP: 68.96.76.*)
Written on: 22-07-2005 04:26

I had a computer built at a major electronics store @ 6 weeks ago.
I have an Antec P160 case with an Intel D925XCV board running a
Pentium 4 3.4 Ghz. The temperature on the front panel has been
increasing this last week and the display shows 92 and then 103 degrees. I don't know if it's measuring the processor temp or the ambient internal case temp. The case has a 120 mm low speed fan and I had another case fan installed as well.When I called Antec to see what the allowable temps are, they told me that I have the wrong case because the Pentium 4 runs hotter and that I need one that has a TAC - Thermally Advantaged Chassis. Meaning that it has a side panel with an air duct to the processor.
I'm concerned that I may fry my new processor or that excessive
heat will shorten it's lifespan. Antec suggested that I get another case or buy an upgraded heatsink fan unit which is compatible with Intel Prescott processors. The computer store says not too worry and that
an upgraded processor fan won't help much. Temps can go as high as 130.
1.) Are my temps within the normal range ?
2.) Has anyone had success by using an upgraded heatsink fan unit ?
3.) Should I just change the case to be certain ?

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 25-07-2005 11:46


are you talking about degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

If it's Celsius, your system is overheating excessively; and would probably have melted by now

If it's Fahrenheit, then there's nothing to worry about; a CPU temperature of 130C is very good.

You don't need a different case; with proper ventilation, the case you have will do fine. See the "Case cooling" section for tips on how to improve case cooling.

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