Subject: cpu temp. and heat sink
By: nomi (IP: 70.25.249.*)
Written on: 23-07-2005 09:40

hi, i have pentium 3.2E socket 478 and mobo P4 c 800 deluxe e,
my case has in-air fans ( 120mm and 80mm fans ) and same combination for exhaust air.

idle temperature of cpu is 55- 60 celsius.
full load is around 70 celsius
( both with intel stock cooler ) >> temp. start rising over 70 while making 30 minutes MPEG 2.

i am wondering if these are right temperature.
i am considering 3rd party coolers that can keep temperatures b/w 35 - 45 celsius with MPEG 2.
any advice is appreciated

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 25-07-2005 11:42


although your CPU is not overheating, it's quite close to its maximum allowed temperature (73C for this model).

If you're using the Intel-supplied fan, which should be adequate for this CPU, I suggest that you improve case cooling. See the "Cooling FAQ" and the "Case cooling" section on this site for more info.

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