Subject: CPU fan
By: James (IP: 64.12.116.*)
Written on: 02-08-2005 00:55

My CPU fan will not work when I plug it into the cpu connection on the motherboard, but it does work when I plug it into the chip fan connection so, it's not the fan. What can I do to fix this problem. Also am I supposed to have more fans than just the CPU and the power supply?
Thank you for any help you can give me.

By: insomnia477 (IP: 12.220.244.*)
Written on: 02-08-2005 03:25

what type of motherboard do you have? some boards do not turn on cpu fan till the cpu reaches a certain temperature.
By: James (IP: 152.163.100.*)
Written on: 03-08-2005 18:51

I don't know what kind of motherboard I have. But, the CPU fan used to start every time I turned on the computer
By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 05-08-2005 11:28


if your fan fails to power up, but works using another connector, just use the other connector :-)

Depending on your CPU and other components, like graphics card, you may or may not need an additional case fan. Older systems with low-powered CPUs usually will do fine with just the power supply and the CPU fan.

By: miraclmoore (IP: 63.16.77.*)
Written on: 06-10-2005 02:40

I'm having the same issue, i'm using a molex connecting fan, which works on the chassis fan connector, system fan connector, but NOT on the CPU FAN connector. I have a Compaq Presario 5310US Series. The ONLY issue i'm having here is that when i connect the fan to one of those OTHER connectors, i get the GOOD OLE' (either 511 or 611 error code- CPU FAN NOT DETECTED SYSTEM SHUTTING DOWN)!!! Then my PC cuts off, and that's about it. Now i CAN say that the ONLY difference between the OTHER two connectors and the CPU FAN connector is that the CPU FAN connector is missing the little piece of plastic that stands straight up, the piece that the molex connector normally "snaps" into place to hold snug......this piece broke off. So could this be the issue, and is there "anyway" to make a "custom" fan that will work out of parts?? I have 3 fans, one with BLUE, BLACK, and RED wires, (which doesn't work on the CPU Connector), and another with a WHITE, BLACK, and RED wires, (which ALSO doesn't work on the CPU connector). I thought since i ONLY needed the +12V and the Ground i would be good, but i guess not!!! ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED GANG!!!!

Thanks a Mi$$ion!!!!!
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