Subject: huge problem please help
By: Parsinator (IP: 68.4.144.*)
Written on: 09-08-2005 00:45

It seems my heatsink has stuck to my processor. (p4 3.2E ghz, prescott) I can't seem to even get the heatsink off the motherboard. Ive tried a lot of different things. If you have any suggestions please tell me.


P.S. ive tried heating the heatsink. I turned on the computer for a while, unplugged the CPU fan, took a blow drier to it, left it in the sun. Doesn't seem to work.

By: fer (IP: 213.172.44.*)
Written on: 25-08-2005 17:20

It happened the same to me with a P4 2.66 MHz in a notebook HP COMPAQ NX9010.

I finally did it pooling up the heatsink. The CPU came with the heatsink. It took a lot of time to separate the CPU from the heatsink.

Sorry for my english, I'm spanish
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