Subject: Anti-dust fan filters
By: DarthM (IP: 84.98.140.*)
Written on: 19-08-2005 01:43

Lots of dust build up on the fan parts after a certain time. Intake fans specially bring up much dust in the case. I was wondering if there was a material i could place before the fans which could act as a filter. A friend of mine experimented with a vaccum cleaner cloth [don't know how to exactly call it, but if you've ever opened up one, you'll know what i'm talking about] and said it worked. I tried but it diminished the airflow. But now i've found special filters on a site which they say do the job. There are currently Aluminium & plastic materials available, which one is better?

However, the site is french. But hey i live in France...

By: insomnia477 (IP: 12.220.244.*)
Written on: 19-08-2005 07:15

a good thing to use is panty hose, just stretch it real tight and it won't restrict airflow until it's covered in dust.
By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 19-08-2005 14:14


I suggest that you use an extractor hood filter. This material - thin polyester wool - is designed especially for that purpose, and it is inexpensive. Even companies who produce electronic devices in low volume use this material.

You can get it for a few dollars at any DIY superstore, large department store, stores specialized in kitchen gear, etc. Obviously you just need to cut out a small part of the extractor hood inlay.

Some more expensive filters are multi-layered and have special coatings for more effective filtering of grease in the steam. For PC cooling applications, this is obviously not useful, so you can just get the cheapest filter you can find.

Note for non-native English speakers: An extractor hood is the fan above your kitchen stove that removes steam. See for more info.

By: Phil (IP: 212.159.31.*)
Written on: 30-11-2005 21:23

I use J-cloths. At least that's what they're known as in the UK. They have blue and white stripes and I don't know what they're made from.

They feel similar to cooker hood filters, but they're thinner. And cheaper. I cut them to size, and when they're clogged I throw them in the bin.
By: Ray_GTI-R (IP: 195.92.168.*)
Written on: 05-05-2006 23:35

J-cloths are quite good but think "airflow". A clogged filter filters really well but not much air gets through!

Filtering & airflow are enemies - to find the best compromise think "thick material with large pores".

HTH, Ray
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