Subject: where to find rubber spacers?
By: Norman Ramsey (IP: 140.247.60.*)
Written on: 24-08-2005 00:02

The cooling guide mentions that rubber spacers can improve airflow and reduce noise. How thick should such a spacer be? (That is, how much distance between the fan and the case?) Does anybody know where I can find suitable spacers? Oh, and does one also need a rubber washer under the screw head?

By: ilmenichetti (IP: 82.61.173.*)
Written on: 13-10-2005 01:22

I saw a lot of useful items suitable for this... for my back fan, I used a piece of some foam material (it was for noise insulating of homes, I payed 5 euros for 1 mq) cutted in the proper way, and tape first, then elastic bands, to secure the fan to the case. Effective (perfect if coupled with undervolting of the fan with a resistor).

Then I discovered old bike tubes (I don't know the exact term in english... that stuffs going inside a bike tire). You can sagomate it with scissors, and put everywhere you want. Good for insulate fans, harddisk (both for suspending and as width), PSU, and every piece of the case that could vibrate (for me, useful for the front cover). Or to put down the case, to insulate it from the ground.
Silicon maybe could be better, but I think that this kind of material could be really useful (I appreciated the noise improvement, particularly for the hdd).

I don't think this could lower the temperature (maybeit could be even worst for the hdd, insulating it from spreading heat by the case structure). But for noise it's a really good job.
By: DunkingBird (IP: 203.126.26.*)
Written on: 16-05-2006 06:50

I am enduring loud casing fan noise also. I would like to explore the use of rubber spacers as suggested but I have no clue how it should be placed. Can anyone offer some pictures of their installation with these rubber/foam spacers. My e-mail is Thanks
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