Subject: Extreme Edition
By: intel (IP: 24.24.133.*)
Written on: 26-08-2005 06:18

I bought a computer hoping it would be the best one ever. It cost me nearly 4000 and it is going so slow i think because of overheating

i have an intel P4 Extreme Edition (the older 3.73 Ghz edition) 2MB L2 Cache and the 1066 Mhz FSB it is running between a scorching 60-70 celcius which i think is WAY too high
i heard liquid cooling is no good for this processor and i dont think the standard supplied heatsink for intel does the job either. What type of heatsink would i need and what is the MAXIMUM temperature for this processor i cant seem to find it anywhere on the internet and the people at intel dont even know what is the absolute maximum operating temperature for this type of cpu please help!!!

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 26-08-2005 10:32


there's no such thing as the "best computer ever" - it's always only a matter of days until something better comes out at a lower price :-)

Still, you got a sweet system. The maximum operating temperature for your CPU is 70.8C, so your CPU isn't overheating. Around 65C is a normal temperature for that CPU. The temperature also doesn't explain any perceived slowness - the thermal throttling on Intel CPUs will kick in only at much higher temperatures (even higher than the max. allowed temperature).

However, if your temperatures approaching 70C, there is not much headroom left for hot days. So, I'd suggest to improve cooling. The heatsink supplied by Intel will in any case be sufficient for that particular CPU, so I'd suggest to improve case cooling. See the "Cooling FAQ" and the "Case cooling" section of this site for more info.

Liquid cooling is also fine for this processor, and will get your temperatures lower. Of course, you need a beefy liquid cooler that can handle the high power dissipation, but there are plenty available. However, as long as you have no overclocking plans, I'd suggest to stick with regular cooling - a proper conventional setup with good case cooling will do the job good enough.

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