Subject: Pentium D HOT!
By: Zaphod (IP: 66.195.168.*)
Written on: 26-08-2005 20:10

Hello All,
Last night I assembled my new system having a pentium D 820 operating at 2.8 Gig. I went with the dual core thing thinking that it will work well for music production. I got everything integrated and fired up the system, and checked the CPU temp on the bios. It was showing 71deg C at idle! It never got any hotter than that, but man, that seems really hot to me. I can't find any specs on Intels web site that aren't lessons in advanced thermal dynamics. Does anyone know what the max operating temps are supposed to be on these new dual core processors? I'd hate to bake this thing without ever having installed any software!

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.167.179.*)
Written on: 27-08-2005 13:45


I updated the "CPU temperatures" page to reflect Pentium D operating temperatures. The maximum temperature of your CPU is 63C, so if is running at over 70C even when idle, your cooling system is definitely insufficient and must be improved.

If you are using the cooler supplied by Intel with the CPU, then the CPU cooler itself is adequate. In this case, I suggest to improve case cooling - see the "Cooling FAQ" and the "Case cooling" sections for more info.

A note for other readers: Proper cooling of Intel's Pentium D CPUs is quite a challenge; therefore I'd suggest building your own system with these CPUs only to those who enjoy tweaking, and are willing to invest time and money in a well thought-out cooling system. Others are better off buying a system off the shelf, or going with AMD's entry-level dual core CPUs (3800+/4200+), which are easier to cool.

By: ilmenichetti (IP: 82.61.173.*)
Written on: 13-10-2005 01:27

Just one thing: I had same problem installing my Celeron D, maybe I can help you. And it was just because I used thermal paste for the heat spreader, and I putted too much (was the first time for me). Just remove and use a liiittle bit, if you used it.
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