Subject: Need help finding a replacement fan
By: John (IP: 68.253.66.*)
Written on: 15-09-2005 03:46

My fan just died. The fan is made by Minebea Co. and the Model is 2406GL-04W-B50. Was wondering where I can a replacement wihtout replacing the whole heatsink and all. The links gives more info about my fan. The second link is the same fan that another member on this board bought and it showed up when I googled the model number.

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 21-09-2005 14:41


this is a standard 60x15mm fan; there's no need to replace it with the exact same model. You can chose any 12V 60x15mm fan that can provide similar airflow (the amount of airflow is specified in your PDF link in cubic meters/minute - in the case of many other fans, it is specified in CFM - refer to the "Unit conversions" page on this site for conversion info).

If there is enough space above the CPU heatsink, you can also replace the fan with a 60x25mm fan. They are even more widely available, and often provide a better ratio between noise and air flow. You might need longer screws for fixing it on the heatsink, though.

Good quality fans should last for many years, even when they are permanently in operation. When a fan fails, this means that its quality wasn't good enough - that's why replacing it with a better quality unit, instead of the exact same model, is probably the best bet.

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