Subject: Thermal Sensor Installation
By: Bill (IP: 68.110.24.*)
Written on: 22-09-2005 16:40

I am looking for a good tutorial - actually, pretty pictures will do - on how and exactly where to place CPU sensors for the most common current AMDs and Intels.

A search of Google does not reveal much. Some say on the bottom of the CPU and string the wires through the pins. I don't like that idea - I feel with today's 1 ton heat sinks, I want the CPU to sit as flat as possible in it's socket.

Others says in between HSF fins - but then those readings will be 5 - 7C lower - I want precise - if possible.

It seems next to the die is best - but then what is best way to attach to allow best thermal transfer to the sensor? How far off true die temp would that be?

The only consensus is to NOT put the sensor between the CPU die and the HS - which is just common sense.

By: Sam van Ratt (IP: 82.135.8.*)
Written on: 23-10-2005 20:00

Hi Bill,
why not using the internal DIE diode?
you could put a small NTC/diode/transistor direct next to the heat spreader; tom's hardware did that
or put a smd diode (I use the pn part of the transistor to do the job) on the bottom of the CPU.
Or use IR termometers. They are pretty acurate these days!
All three methods are inacurate as the DIE is a few K away from the heatspreader.
So the DIE diode is the most acurate (even when local heatspots on the chip may be much hotter (e.g. fpu))
I'd be interested in diamond slices (as heat spreader) and measuring the oscillating frequencies if it wouldn't be so expensive. Crystals are very interesting indeed!
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