Subject: heatsink fan controler for Satellite receiver problems
By: Van (IP: 216.138.223.*)
Written on: 23-09-2005 03:58

I love the fan controler topic illustration. My problem is i attached the heatsink fan to a tv receiver to cool anoverclockingchip. Does a great job. Once i made the fan controler worked well, but when the fan is slowed down to a whisper which is ideal for me. The video level does not come in only audio.Once i turn the potentiameter to a higher setting the video comes in well, but the fan turns faster which is louder which is what i didn't want. My fan power supplied by the tv receiver internal wires and ground. I feel that when i bring the fan controler down i also adjust the receivers video level power as well. Should i just use a seperate power supply like an 12V adapter with plug. Attach the fan to a small female male adapter.

Also is there a way to control the heatsink fan with the Television Receiver remote rather then stopping the fan with the receivers power switch in the back?

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