Subject: Processor Temp
By: Sirbob (IP: 24.79.100.*)
Written on: 27-09-2005 04:38

I just built a new system, and want to make sure that the system is in the norm for temp.

It is a Intel P4 2.8gz Processor on a Gigabyte motherboard. The Temp at normal usage (typing this message for example) is low at around 32-34 c (90 f). When I run a game like world of warcraft the temp will go up to around 55-60c. This is with the side pannel of the case off. If I put the side pannel back on it is about 2 higher at the low end, and 3-4 higher at the top end. I was playing world of warcraft tonight and it hit a max of about 61-62 while playing.

Intel's site lists the upper limit of that processor at about 67.7c

Are the temps that I am getting normal, and can I cover up mycase and move on with life?

Thanks very much.

(Nice site by the way)

By: anoneemoose (IP: 84.92.155.*)
Written on: 14-10-2005 10:07

If it's a Prescott processor, it's about what most people are getting.

It'll help if you have a well vented case, although the heatsink and fan is removing heat from the processor, that heat is just getting recycled unless there is something removing it. Try putting the case (if it is a tower) on it's side for a couple of days to see if your case could do with some better cooling.

Theory behind this is the majority of the processor heat will rise straight out of the case...
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