Subject: Does CRT/LCD monitor affect
By: WristBandMan (IP: 130.126.245.*)
Written on: 29-09-2005 01:22

Hello everyone.

I recently turned off the power saving feature for windows XP (turn off monitor, turn off hdd) and forgot to turn it back on. And after 3 days I woke up to learn that my NITS (unknown cheap brand) 15" LCD monitor couldn't display anymore (i see shadows display)

Anyway, I switched to a Gateway EV700 CRT monitor as a temporary replacement.
And then the problem begins where the PC keeps freezing without cause (even when booting, or 1 minute after booting, when I'm doing nothing).
Having experienced this before, I suspected it was problem with CPU overheating that cause the system freeze. Sure enough, the problem went away when I left my PC casing open.

So from the story above, the question is, does the type of monitor (CRT/LCD) affects the heat in the CPU?

What can I do about it (other than leaving the system case open). I already installed 3 80mm casing fan, and a drive bay fan in the case.
By the way, my PC is a Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz bought Spring 2003. I'm not sure about the max temperature allowed, but before this incident, I always see the temp display in bios info (when restarting the PC) as as much as 29 Celcius for the case and 61 Celcius for the CPU.

Thanks for reading, and your helpful replies.

By: anoneemoose (IP: 84.92.155.*)
Written on: 14-10-2005 10:03

Answer: no
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