Subject: Cleaning off old Thermal Compund
By: Ditrane (IP: 65.185.42.*)
Written on: 05-10-2005 18:58

Im running an AMD XP 3200+ processor and im replacing thre heatsink because it sucks. I need to know what i need to use to remove the old thermal compund. Its still in liquidy from and no hard at all, but i need to know what to use to clean it off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.244.*)
Written on: 05-10-2005 23:01


rubbing alcohol ( will work best. But regular alcohol (ethanol) or lighter fluid will also do.

In most cases, you can just wipe off the compound without using any solvents.

By: anoneemoose (IP: 84.92.155.*)
Written on: 14-10-2005 10:04

A drop of nail varnish remover or Lighter fluid (Zippo type) will do the trick, rub it in with a bit of cloth and wipe away a couple of times.
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