Subject: ZALMAN 7700CU
By: GOR (IP: 62.205.109.*)
Written on: 10-10-2005 23:45


Resently i had a big problem when i tried to change my cpu cooler INTEL PRESCOT 2.8mhz.I took out the intel cooler and installed the new ZALMAN 7700cu.Everything was ok but after instalation my pc was turning on but it wasent posting anything on the screan.after trying many things out i found out that something hapend to the motherboard so i bought a new one but what hapend i dont know and afraid of that i dident put on again the ZALMAN.Is ther any probability that because of tha ZALMAN my motherboard get burned or anything like that?
Im thinking to conect the ZALMAN directly to the PSU and not on the motherboard so that i dont burn this one too or whatever.Is that ponsibol?Will that work?Do i need to modify my bios too so that the computer can start if it does not finde any fan conected?

By: Sam van Ratt (IP: 82.135.8.*)
Written on: 23-10-2005 19:33

a normal change of heatsink should and could not burn down the MB. Even a normal (ground yourself) touch of the MB should not harm the electrical components. When the Ground and +12V of the cooler plug are shorted, some MBs may get damaged, but normally not that kind of damage. It depends if you have a socket 478 or 775. In later you may have changed the position+connects of the cpu itself? Hard to tell after all. I have a ASUS P4C800-E Del MB here and I changed CPUs and Heatsinks quite often in 2004 (lets say 5 different CPUs and 8 times a different cooler) and I never got a dead MB nor a error of taht kind.
By: ALMAC (IP: 172.214.83.*)
Written on: 28-12-2005 20:36

check ur cpu is seated properly, take it out check for bent pins, straighten wit long nose plyers if any pins is bent
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