Subject: Heatsink retaining clip broken
By: K_Webb (IP: 68.187.13.*)
Written on: 11-10-2005 02:37

Hello. My grandfather has an HP desktop with a Pentium IV. The heatsink on the processor is held in place by two clips (similar in style to the clips on either side of the heatsink in the image in this topic:

Each clip is shaped generally like " [ ", with two hooks on each end of the arms that hook into brackets. A lever on the top then lets you push the heatsink down onto the processor.

Unfortunately, one of the hooks on one of the clips has broken in a manner that pretty much precludes gluing it back together. Since this clip no longer functions at all, the heat sink hangs at a lopsided angle without contacting the processor, thus doing no good.

I've been searching around trying to find a replacement for the clip without success. Neither Best Buy nor Radioshack find it possible to get the part, and the different computer shops around don't have any either.

Short of sending in the computer to HP past its warranty, is there any workaround for this? Like a piece of aluminum wire or some such thing?

Alternatively, I'd settle for some good advice on where exactly I can find another clip.

Thanks in advance!
-Kenneth Webb

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 16-10-2005 18:26


the heatsink clips must withstand a lot of pressure. DIY solutions like glueing or using wire are not a good idea.

Your best bet is to replace the entire heatsink. They are not very expensive, and certainly cheaper than getting a replacement part from HP. But be sure that the new heatsink will fit - the clips are standardized, but the new heatsink may be physically too large for your case, if you chose a big model.

By: Ray_GTI-R (IP: 195.92.168.*)
Written on: 07-05-2006 00:53

Hi Kenneth

OK, I know that this reply to your message is a bit old but ... I can supply this for you if you still want it. Postage will depend on where in the universe you want it sent. If you're in the UK postage will be reasonable. If you're outside the UK the postage could well be more for this item than a complete replacement cooler.

Email me at rayDOTw@virginDOTnet.

Cheers, Ray
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