Subject: P4 CPU Temperature: 50-77C
By: moothecow2k (IP: 69.194.197.*)
Written on: 15-10-2005 22:00

I'm running on a Pentium 4, 3.0GHz CPU with some sort of ASUS mobo.

My fan started making different noises, so I downloaded Motherboard Monitor 5. It claims (claims supported by BIOS temperature readings) that my CPU runs upwards of 65 degrees. When I push CPU usage to 100%, the temperature rises to around 67C (though I've seen it run beyond, into mid-70s).

Intel's official site quotes that 45C is pretty hot, life-shorteningly hot. That's about where my CPU sits when idle, 40-45C.

However, the article on this site says that the max varies from 65-78 based on CPU type, and that the CPU slows down automatically as it overheats.

Should I be worried? I only have one fan other then the CPU fan; I'm trying to get a second...


By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 15-10-2005 23:26


about 45C being too hot - are you sure you haven't confused case temperature with CPU temperature here?

Still, mid-70s might be too high for your CPU. See for more detailed information about the maxium temperature for your specific CPU model.

By: moothecow2k (IP: 69.194.197.*)
Written on: 16-10-2005 00:17

Not sure which CPU I have ...

Confirmed, Motherboard Monitor labels the CPU temperature sensor as "CPU" (I've verified that it is correct through my BIOS as well). I run my CPU hard (game development), so I need it cool, I don't want my CPU dying in a few months.

It might be possible that my fan is damaged, as well, but I'm not sure how to tell.
By: moothecow2k (IP: 69.194.197.*)
Written on: 22-10-2005 03:39

Turns out my CPU fan was extremely clogged and virtually non-functional. I added an extra fan as well, which brought my CPU temperature down to about 46 at 100% CPU usage.

Awesome. Thanks guys.
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