Subject: fan problem???
By: Levi (IP: 65.190.198.*)
Written on: 25-10-2005 21:15

I own a Gatweay M320 XL (1.7GHz Pentium M, 500MB) notebook, and my concern is that the processor fan is running virtually all the time (except for a couple of minutes after starting the system), even if I am not running any applications. My system does NOT overheat, and the fan usually runs at the slowest possible setting - but it does run continuously. I don't know whether this is a problem. A friend of mine has an older notebook, but its fan turns off if he's not using it. Mine has Centrino technology, yet the fan is running all the time... (The computer is on a hard surface, with nothing to obstruct airflow, I'm using the minimal power scheme setting, and an external monitor so my notebook monitor is actually never turned on, no PC cards, etc, etc...) Is this something I should be worried about? Again, I have not had any problems with it, especially no overheating, and the fan has been like this ever since I bought it last March. It's only my friends laptop that got me thinking... I figure this may just as well be a difference in design, but when I asked Gateway customer service they suggested that I have it shipped in for service ($45), and that they may have to delete the hard drive to fix this. I don't want to do that for obvious reasons, at least not until I know that there is in fact something wrong with my computer. I'm afraid they'd just send it back saying everything was fine... What is your opinion? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot,

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