Subject: Powering an extra 12v fan
By: Dodge (IP: 80.5.160.*)
Written on: 26-10-2005 18:53


I'll start this by saying that, although i do have some industrial electrical knowledge i'm quite new to p.c. stuff so bare with my explaination

I am currently experiencing some cooling problems which are centered around the power supply getting to hot and (i think) tripping a thermal overload thru the coolmaster control centre. There is i probe on the ps casing and i guess this feeds back to the controller. I plan to add some ventilation holes to the main pc case and possibly the ps case as well as currently there is limited room behind the power supply case for air to be drawn in plus i'd rather it took cold air from outside the casing.

I also would like to add a fan in in the front of the main case to suck air in. There is a plastic holder present but no fan. At the moment i have one fan in the rear of the case pushing air out (this is powered from the biggest pcb in the p.c.) and one fan on the processor (this one is powered via a lead from the power supply) is there likely to be any more three pin plugs lurking on any of the pcb's to power my additional fan? Its hard to see between the boards a i don't want to disturb anything.

Could i just make flier leads from the three pin lead from the power supply or would that just halve the perfomance from both fans connected. My power supply is an iso switching type, would it compensate for the extra current drawn?

Also my coolmaster dials don't seem to do anything, the one on the left has a slider to adjust fan volts from 6 to 10. While the needle on the dial does move there is no difference in fan sound. even with the case off and listening close nothing alters. I don't even know which fan its supposed to control. The vu gauge does nothing to sound output either. Any ideas, i believe Tiny were a bit rubbish at p.c building so maybe something is disconnected.

My machine is from Tiny a pentium 4, 3.2 gig i think, with a radeon 9800 graphics card. its two years old.

Any help apprechiated,


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