Subject: DIY temp control
By: ifander (IP: 83.226.91.*)
Written on: 27-10-2005 23:51

I was just wandering; is it possible to simply remove the thermistor from the controller and have the controller work as an ordinary fan speed control? I know it's kind of defeating the purpouse of your guide, but I'm trying to build a fan controller with manual control. (I'll only be controlling the non-essential fans, not the CPU and likewise .

By: Tillmann (IP: 212.98.201.*)
Written on: 28-10-2005 15:46


yes that's possible; however you shouldnt simply remove the thermistor. Instead, it should be replaced by a 10 kOhms resistor.

By: ifander (IP: 83.226.91.*)
Written on: 28-10-2005 18:57

Thanks for the reply! Good thing I asked then...
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